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TECHNICAL FASHION BIO-GRAPHENE MATERIAL• Engineered baselayers, great for activewear and protective gear inclusively sized Unisex XS-4XL.

99.9% ANTIMICROBIAL MASK AND GLOVE • Proper requirements to ensure a safe face covering and gloves to comfortably protect. Sized and fitted with adjustment fittings, wire nose, level 3 filter, comfortable for long and short term wear.

HeadLoop Antimicrobial Mask Set


Our HeadLoop Antimicrobial Mask is ideal for long-term, comfortable wear. With adjustable head loops, it fits a wide range of head shapes. Includes a pack of 5 disposable, surgical-grade filters...

EarLoop Antimicrobial Mask Set


Our EarLoop Antimicrobial Mask is perfect for short-term or long-term wear. Bio-Graphene advanced technology fabric naturally diminishes RNA pathogens, see SGS certified test results.   The Antimicrobial fabric in conjunction with...

Refill Filters 5-Pack


Each filter pack includes 5 filters designed to fit inside the pocket of our antimicrobial face masks. With a 95% block rate, our 3 layer surgical filter is made with...